SidsRun: Arcade

SidsRun:Arcade is a game that about time and score. That's it. Simple test of skill against the clock. The game automatically uploads your score to the server and ranks you against other players. You dominate by getting the highest score possible.

The Story:

SidZ3R0 a relatively obscure and irrelevant internet personality, a digital representation of simple logic and reason, had built a digital utopia for himself. An empty void consisting of banks, and banks of data, through which he was able to access the greater internet.

One day while he was hacking away on a fediverse plugin for his new 3d environment he noticed something wasn't right. It seems that surface web corporate hackers had found his utopian matrix.

With no weapons he quickly hacked together the "Memetic GFY 9001" and got to work. This was his place. he wasn't going to give it up easily. (Relax, nobody dies on the internet they just get disconnected)

Data Journo's:

Represented by the system with their yellow colour, these creatures are cowardly and run when discovered. They populate an area and multiply wreaking havoc on system resources. They find and corrupt the data changing it to suit their needs and then propagate it to the rest of a network.

Corporate Hackers:

Represented By the System with their purple hue these users mean business. Equipped with fully automatic Naratron C4-NC-3L-S, they aim to stifle creativity that doesn't fit into their network. These users are able to hide within data blocks. Luckily they can't see very well. This gives you a bit of an edge.

How To play:

Standard WSAD keys: forward, back, left, right, respectively. Mouse controls the camera, left click to fire.
Click the text under player name on the title screen to change it.
Keep in mind your player name can be anything(10 characters on the server), your INSTALL ID is how your score is saved.

I will be writing a simple API for displaying scores eventually

This game was written with the hope that others like myself would enjoy it's simplicity. a throw back from the days when arcades were a thing, and high score mattered.